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Personal injury law is based on the idea that someone’s carelessness, or negligence, has resulted in your getting injured. Rule systems such as traffic laws are there for a reason: oftentimes, they keep us from making silly mistakes that put others at risk. We're each expected to follow these rules and likewise have a responsibility to hold people accountable when their misguided actions endanger the public.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

Many personal injuries occur behind the wheel; for instance, a drunk driver causes a car accident, and you end up with a broken arm. It would be completely within your rights to enact justice and seek damages for what you're owed. The following may be considered situations in which you have a personal injury case:

    • Car Accidents, in which an injury has happened because someone was texting or driving drunk — or otherwise acting carelessly on the road
    • Other Auto Accidents, including truck and motorcycle accidents
    • Bicycle Accidents, which can happen when traffic laws get broken or drivers get careless
    • Medical Malpractice, such as when a medical professional makes a mistake that compromises your safety and costs you money
    • Slip & Fall Cases, which are based on premises liability law; if you get injured on someone else’s property, they are liable since they have a responsibility to keep it safe and hazard-free
    • Dog Bites, which can happen if a pet owner knows their animal is dangerous but still allows it freedom

It’ll be easier for you to take charge of your situation if you’re informed about what personal injury law entails, and whether or not you have a case. As always, stop by our office for a free consultation to learn more.

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Kentucky Laws Don't Cap Personal Injury Damages

There are a few important Kentucky laws to be aware of if you're thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit. The following could definitely change your outcome, so you need to be informed:

  • The time limit for filing your personal injury lawsuit in Kentucky is strictly one year after the injury occurs; you'll be prevented from filing after a year has taken place.
  • “Comparative fault” means you may have to assume a portion of the responsibility if an injury happened; for example, if you slip and fall on a mess in the store, you may be deemed 10% responsible if you didn't see it because you were distracted.
  • Auto insurance laws in Kentucky are tricky because our state's "no-fault" legislation says that even if you were injured, your auto insurance must provide compensation for damages — unless the injury was serious enough to cause permanent loss of body functions or disfigurement.
  • Dog owners assume strict liability for attacks and bites, regardless of the dog's history, even if it's the dog's first sign of aggression.
  • There's no cap to damages for any type of personal injury case in Kentucky.

The more you know about the specifics of your case, the more easily you’ll be able to help us make the best decisions fighting on your behalf. We encourage you to schedule a free meeting so you can get informed and help us make a plan for your case.

Practicing Personal Injury Law Across Kentucky

Unfortunately, people are sometimes negligent when it comes to safety. You can get hurt, and you may have to endure a long recovery. If something like this has happened to you, then you need to reach out and let us help you hold them accountable for their oversight. Call or come by our office for a free consultation to find out how to go about everything.