Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys in Covington, Kentucky

We take the majority of our criminal cases to trial. If you're being charged with a crime, know that we'll go the distance when it comes to fighting aggressively to defend your freedom. You may be facing a felony, misdemeanor, or traffic offense, and your rights may have been violated during the course of your situation.

If so, you need our help to fight for your defense. Some of the common cases for which we advocate include:

  • DUI/OVI. These refer to driving under the influence, or operating a vehicle under the influence; if you've been charged, we'll come to your aid.
  • Drug Charges. Since the possession and sale of marijuana is still a crime in Kentucky, (as well as that of the other, more harmful drugs you can name, such as heroin or cocaine), you need a strong criminal defense attorney by your side.
  • Felonies & Misdemeanors. Maybe you've been charged with a felony such as manslaughter, arson, larceny, or burglary — or a misdemeanor like obscenity or perjury. We can help.
  • Suppression Hearings. Sometimes we may want to throw a piece of evidence out at trial, if we have doubts about its admissibility in court. Find out more during a free consultation.
  • Motions to vacate. These involve overturning a court's previous judgment.
  • Appeals. These are requests for a reevaluation of a court decision, especially if we can clarify an interpretation of the law.

Criminal law covers a broad range of misdemeanors and felonies. Chances are you know what you're facing, but it'll work out best for you to come in, brush up on the specifics of your case, and discuss the best way to defend your freedom.

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Criminal Laws in Kentucky

Similar to most other states, the criminal acts themselves rarely differ in Kentucky, but their classifications and sentences sometimes do. For example, the fourth DUI you get within 10 years is considered to be a Class D felony that may lead to imprisonment between one to five years. Since criminal law is so expansive, find out more about your situation when you come see us for a free consultation.

Judgment-Free Representation

It's important to us to provide non-judgmental representation in your time of need; we want to make sure you feel like you have someone you can trust on your side, especially when it feels like the authorities have written you off and wish only to throw you away. Maybe you have a reputation you want to protect and a life you just want to keep stable. In that case, don't hesitate to reach out to us; tell us what we need to know, and we'll fight tooth and nail to keep your liberties intact.

Kentucky’s Go-to Criminal Defense Attorneys

You’ve been stopped by the police, and you’ve been charged with a crime. There may be a way out of this predicament! Whether you’re facing DUI charges, traffic violations, or any other type of felony or misdemeanor, be certain that we have your back. We’re serving you throughout the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, so come and see us today for a free consultation.