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According to the Fourth Amendment, everyone has the right to be secure in their personal space. This means that search and seizure tactics (without a warrant that explicitly details what may be searched) are completely unlawful, and you need to defend your rights.

Civil Rights Law Covers a Wide Spectrum

Before you take definitive action, it's important for you to be aware of the types of situations in which you may need to seek our representation:

  • Excessive Force. If an officer used more force than necessary to apprehend or arrest you, then they have violated your Fourth Amendment rights.
  • Wrongful Arrest. If you've been arrested without probable cause or a warrant, your rights have been violated.
  • Wrongful Death. You may be a close relative of the deceased, and you want to file a civil claim against someone who you believe is liable or responsible for the death.
  • Wrongful Imprisonment. Likewise, if a police officer arrests you without cause and puts you in jail, you can sue for violated rights.
  • Deliberate Indifference. Imagine you are an inmate, and the professionals on the other side of the bars intentionally refuse to respond to your complaints — especially if you're dealing with a life-threatening medical issue. Your civil rights have been violated, and you need to seek damages.
  • First-Amendment Retaliation. Maybe you filed a federal lawsuit against the city, which then turned around and revoked your building permit. Your First Amendment rights have been attacked, and you need our representation.

As mentioned, civil rights law is broad. Come to our office to get better informed of where you stand in your civil rights dispute.

In Defense of Your Liberty

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State and Federal Civil Rights Laws: Kentucky and Beyond

Since most civil rights laws derive from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they exist at the federal level and closely resemble state civil rights statutes. Trying to figure out the differences between state and federal civil rights laws can be confusing since there are so many situations in which your rights can come into question.

Our idea of civil rights is rooted in the Constitution, which guarantees that all Americans are entitled to the same basic freedoms — whether it's freedom from discrimination or the right to receive equal pay for equal work. Or, if you’re engaged in a peaceful protest and merely exercising your First Amendment right to freedom of speech, then the police can’t take forceful measures to suppress that freedom. You're entitled to defend your rights all the way to the court. Let us help you do that.

Kentucky’s premier law firm will defend your birth-given rights

Our unalienable rights exist in the Constitution — in plain black and white. It’s far from uncommon for law officials to take matters into their own hands, breaking the Fourth Amendment and your right to a secure space that shouldn’t be searched without a warrant or probable cause. Contact us for a free consultation, and we’ll walk you through the litigation process.