Benjamin T.D. Pugh

"Tom" is a founding partner of Pugh & Roach. He has a strong success record in automobile injuries, criminal defense, civil rights, and corporate defense.

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Christopher D. Roach

Our other founding partner, Chris, has notable experience focusing on criminal defense, civil rights, and appellate work in both state and federal court.

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Practice Areas

Civil Rights

You’re entitled to “certain unalienable rights,” according to the Constitution. We won’t back down defending them.

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Criminal Defense & DUI

Don’t let the authorities wreak havoc on your life any more than they already have, especially if you’re in the right.

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Personal Injury

Hold people accountable to the safety standards everyone should be following. We take negligence seriously.

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Business Litigation

You might be deep in a difficult business dispute. Our expertise at trial will get you through the process.

Fight for the future you want.

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Don’t Lose Hope.
Justice Is Within Your Reach.

You probably feel like you’re in the middle of a storm, lost at sea and hard-pressed to find a way out. We believe you don’t deserve to be there, and we want to be your lifeline when that happens.

In the fight for justice, it’s easy for your best interests to get overlooked. We take the fight to heart and put everything we have into getting you back to a place where you can live better.

Your well-being is our primary concern.

One of our goals is to work collaboratively with you, and through the process we hope you get a solid idea of why it’s important to defend your rights. Your rights are foundational to the democracy our forefathers established for us Americans, so we here at Pugh & Roach do everything we can to protect them.

That entails putting forth our best effort to see that you come out the other end of this process feeling like you’ve been taken care of. We also want you to feel informed enough to help us make the best decisions, and empowered enough to exercise your rights in the future. Take the first step, and let us come to your side.

Our attorneys have the experience to get you results in trial. If your rights have been violated, our experience in criminal law and civil rights will be extremely useful. You may even be suffering from a debilitating personal injury; in that case, we need to take action against negligence.

Serving from Covington throughout Kentucky

We’re happy to be of service throughout the state of Kentucky from Covington, right by the Ohio River and the federal courthouse. We travel across Kentucky, willing to take cases in all corners of the state. It’s our duty to defend your civil liberties, so schedule your free consultation now.