Zoom and Video Conferencing Available

We understand that the pandemic and fears of Covid-19 infections often keep clients from seeking legal advice. We have Zoom conferencing via RingCentral, Microsoft Teams Meetings, and Skype for Business avaliable so that you can safely meet with us to discuss your case, without having to come to the office. These video conferencing services also allow users to share their screens and documents, so that we can easily communicate and review things like contracts, motions, and other legal documents. Also, we have remote signing capabilities through Adobe, to allow you to remotely sign documents.

If you must come in to our office, rest assured we are disinffecting our office on a daily basis. Please wear a mask if you come to our office. If you do not have one, we have masks to provide you.

The pandemic will pass and as a community, we should do our level best to protect one another from any harm. Pugh & Roach will continue to adhere to the Governor's orders and the CDC's recommendations, and support our community in any way we can.

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