What to Do (Or Rather What Not to Do) Once you are Released from Jail

It does not matter what crime you have been arrested for, whether misdemeanor, felony, probation violation, probation revocation, you MUST obey the conditions of your release. Typically, when you are arrested, you will be evaluated by pretrial services for release until your next court date. A judge will make the final decision on your bond and conditions of release, but it is vital for you to follow these conditions. The judge may set any of the following conditions, such as:


  • No contact with the victim
  • Random drug screens
  • No new violations of the law
  • Travel restrictions
  • Prohibition on possession, ownership, or handling of firearms
  • No alcohol consumption
  • Participation in a drug treatment program


Failure to abide by the terms of conditions of release can result in forfeiture of your cash bond, home incarceration, jail, contempt of court, or some other creative punishment. In short, whatever you do, do what the judge tells you regardless of guilt or innocence. Failing to follow a judge’s order, and by extension orders from pretrial services, can make your case 10 times more problematic. If you have an issue complying with the orders, talk to your attorney to see what can be done. Don’t wait until you get to court and receive the wrath of an angry judge.


Also, be nice to pretrial services and/or your probation officer. They are humans doing a job. Yelling at them or arguing with them will not help your situation.

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