Have You Been Arrested for Solicitation or Prostitution?

There have been a rash of sting operations in Boone County, Kentucky, and surrounding communities such as Florence and Erlanger, concerning soliciting for prostitution aka solicitation and prostitution. What we are seeing is law enforcement advertising online in certain adult forums and dating websites, using fake profiles offering sex in exchange for money. Once the person responds, they are usually directed to come and meet the 'escort' at a hotel or other physical location. Once they arrive, the police arrest them, seize their money, and then they are booked for solicitation and given a court date. So the operations seemed to be more focused on the 'johns' than the escorts, although a reverse operation could be used to get escorts to offer under cover police officers sex in exchange for money, and then meet them at the hotel. Regardless, before you appear in court, you should contact an attorney to evaluate your defenses. Usually, the charge they give you is found under KRS 529.020 Prostitution, but they will say Solc Prostitution 529.020, or something to that effect. This is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $250 fine. If you are arrested, do not say anything, do not admit anything. The police will attempt to get you to admit you committed the crime, that you were going to have sex with someone for money, and/or that you responded to the ad online, or offer of sex online. Do not be combative or attempt to argue with the police. You may be arrested or you may be cited and released. Just call a lawyer once you are released. While you are worried about being arrested for this crime, and perhaps even embarassed, do not panic. Stay calm, call a lawyer, and whatever you do, do not talk with the police, do not talk to anywone about the crime, and do not miss court. The charges can be resolved, either through a trial or a plea agreement, and you can move on with your life. Call us if you need advice on how to handle these charges.

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