COVID-19 Coronavirus and Your Lawsuit or Criminal Charge

In the wake of the worldwide emergency surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), many courts, local, state, and federal, are delaying cases. There are many resources to check if your case is being delayed, and the firm of Pugh & Roach is happy to check the status of your case if we are able to. We have access to Kentucky’s Courtnet, federal cases through PACER, and some Ohio courts as well. Courts have been making various orders throughout the nation dictating what cases can be heard, and new rules mandating that certain cases be held by telephone, video, or delayed. Almost all cases have been affected, and only those cases that are emergencies or involve someone in custody are being heard in court.

Evictions are being delayed as well, so make sure you contact an attorney if any landlord is forcing you out of your home. In Northern Kentucky, most eviction cases have been rescheduled for April, and new filings will be delayed as well.

More importantly, cases are not being delayed for criminal cases, where the criminal defendant is in custody. Lawyers are having various difficulties gaining access to their clients, but the courts are not delaying cases for the majority of criminal defendants in custody for arraignments and various other cases.

Call us if you need assistance in checking your case, whether criminal or civil. Pugh & Roach wants to help the community in any it can, so please, call us if you need guidance on the status of your case, free of charge.


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